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Now Introducing "Waisted," the ultimate 4-column FAJA! 

Adapting to one's curves, this garment provides optimal support and shaping. Its innovative hooks and clasp system set "Waisted" apart, offering enhanced flexibility. The bonus 4th column allows more wear time for those concerned with shrinking. The clasp design will enable more customization allowing a snug fit that doesn't compromise comfort. The lycra-lined expandable butt is suitable for both bbl to none bbl patients. This garment offers higher straps for comfortability, underarm support, and back bra-roll coverage. With "Waisted," you'll experience the confidence and support you deserve.

Invest in the FAJA that celebrates your body every day—choose "Waisted" for a

comfortable, customizable, and stylish shapewear solution like no other. Feel empowered and beautiful with every wear. EXTRA WIDE/LARGE  BUTT/HIPS.



  • Use image to assist with sizing. Use sizing  chart

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