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How Compression Garments Aid in the Healing Process Following Liposuction

Resuts You Can See: Tips for Optomizing Your Results After Liposuction


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I received a frantic call from a severely swollen patient. She arrived wearing the compression binder she had received from her surgeon. She complained of it digging into her skin and sliding as she walked. Once removed, I immediately noticed a deep crease in her abdominal area. The areas around the crease were hard to touch and seemed to have started to settle. After further observation, we noticed additional swelling had formed around her lower waist due to the garment sliding up.

This horror story is becoming increasingly common among those not wearing the correct garment and receiving adequate compression!

Signs of uneven compression can be particularly noticeable in cases of abdominal liposuction and can present an obstacle to patients achieving the desired outcome. You are more likely to heal rounded or box-like without proper cinching. The most common, unnatural, and lumpy appearance is usually the impression of an abdominal binder, lousy posture, abdominal wrap, butt compression, or improper garment fitting.

After surgery, while your tummy is flat apply soft foams between you and your garment. Once you're able to wear higher compression, switch to a lipoboard. Starting sooner than later will encourage a more even appearance.

A rule of thumb is that if you feel you need more compression, you need more! If you notice your boards and foams moving as you walk or while you sleep, that is a sign you're not receiving adequate compression.

The good news is that when uneven compression is recognized early, treatment is available to remedy the issue. The most effective combo is a tight-fitting faja, foam, boards, and lymphatic massages. Lymphatic massages smooth out the skin and reduce swelling. One must immediately follow with proper and even compression for optimal results.A lipoboard is perfect for providing flat, consistent, and even compression to the abdomen. This can be used to help flatten and disburse swelling. The lumbar board should be used to tackle swelling of the back along with lipo foams that help with circulation. If the condition fails to improve, more direct interventions, such as surgical revision of the liposuction sites, may be needed.

The key to conquering postop is remaining compressed!

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